UX Brighton’s mentorship programme supports UXers at each stage of their career. From student to Head of Design and anything in between. Whether you’re a Researcher or Designer we pair mentors and mentees to help you grow your UX career.

About the programme

The mentorship programme is a 9 month scheme designed to support your career growth within the UX community. Whether you’re a mentor, mentee or peer mentor it’s an opportunity to eradicate impostor syndrome, develop your professional relationships, improve your skills, increase confidence and achieve your career goals.


We ask that you commit to meeting with your mentee or mentor at least 1-hour a month until the end of the 9-month programme. You can meet virtually or face-to-face. We recommend that mentees set a goal to work towards within the programme, mentors can support mentees to achieve this goal by helping them make a plan, be accountable and asking guiding questions. When considering mentoring it’s useful to know the C’s of Great UX Mentorship.

Get involved

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2023 Mentorship Programme applications are now closed. Applicants will be contacted in September 2023.

2022 programme

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12 July 2022 Mentorship Launch

9 August 2022 Mentorship Speed Matching

13 September 2022 Mentorship Meetup

10 January 2023 Mentorship Check-In

11 April 2023 End of 2022 Mentorship Programme, Mentorship Closing Party

Thanks to UX design consultancy, cxpartners for sponsoring the 2022 programme.

2023 programme

11 July 2023 Mentorship applications open

8 August 2023 Mentorship Speed Matching event

September 2023 Successful applicants contacted

April 2024 End of Mentorship Programme


Insterested in sponsoring season 2? Contact [email protected].