Mentorship Speed Matching

This event was held on 08 Aug 2023.

Want to be part of UX Brighton’s next Mentorship Programme? Join us for an evening of Mentorship Speed Matching. Whether you’re a UXer of many years standing, new to UX or UX is only part of what you do, so much the better. A mix of skills and backgrounds enriches the community. You can choose to be a mentor or mentee or you can sign up to be both! 

How does mentorship speed matching work?

  • Get your ticket
  • Attend the Speed Matching evening with a goal in mind that you would like to achieve from working with a mentor or mentee. 
  • You’ll chat with other ambitious uxer’s looking to pair up, in true speed-matching style. It’s useful to have a specific question in mind related to your goal but also think about what you can offer as a mentor.
  • Rate your connections on your speed-matching scorecard and hand it in.
  • After the event, our matching team will study your scorecards and endeavour to pair everyone up.*
  • We’ll be in touch with what we hope will be your perfect mentorship match.

What happends after I’ve been paired up?

  • Commit to meeting with your mentor and/or mentee for at least one hour per month (virtually or face-to-face) until April 2024. You could use this time to work towards your goal. 

Tickets include drinks and pizza. 🍕🥤

*We will do our best to ensure everyone gets a match but we can’t make any promises.