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Friday 1 November, Brighton Dome

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What do UX designers, researchers and managers need to know about AI?

UX Brighton 2024 is tailored for UX professionals seeking clarity and direction in the evolving landscape of AI. This one-day event is an essential opportunity for designers, researchers, and managers at all levels to gain a realistic understanding of AI’s role in UX.

The conference will feature experienced professionals and academics discussing AI’s practical applications in UX. They will provide insights into AI frameworks, principles, and tools, focusing on their direct relevance to everyday UX work. This pragmatic approach is designed to alleviate concerns about AI, offering a clearer vision of how AI can enhance UX practice.

Attendees will benefit from structured learning, networking with peers facing similar challenges, and engaging in discussions that foster a deeper understanding of AI in UX. The event aims to equip participants with knowledge that can be immediately applied to their work, enhancing their skills and employability.

Join us at UX Brighton 2024 to gain practical AI insights, connect with like-minded UX Designers, Researchers, Product Managers, (and Developers, hopefully) and enhance your UX career in a supportive fun environment.

Learn new approaches and glean fresh insights that will bring solid benefits for you, your colleagues and your clients.

Some of the smartest, most insightful and entertaining people I've met. And that was just the audience. The speakers were great, too.

Mike Kuniavsky, Xerox PARC

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Glenn Jones.

Human conversations with grids of numbers – Glenn Jones

The rise of large language models signals a new era in machine learning. Yet, these grids of numbers, while impressive, offer a faltering facade of true human communication. Past research reminds us that conversation is a beautiful, chaotic, and profoundly human tool that resists easy replication.

However, there is a seed in generative AI of something to come: tools that can generate individualised and ethereal interactions. Emerging reasoning capabilities that can interact with the experiences we have built for humans, which act as agents on our behalf. These systems hold the promise of eventually working in collaboration with us, through our greatest tool – spoken and written language.

In this talk Glenn will explore possible AI driven user experiences. What will be the place for graphical interfaces in a world of conversational AI? Will chat UI design patterns prove to be just a passing adolescent phase – something we’ll all soon look back on with a wry smile.

About Glenn

Glenn Jones is a tech founder and advisor with a passion for seamlessly blending UX design, product leadership, and strategic thinking. He led the design and product function in the start-up he co-founded, working for clients such as The Guardian, FT and Washington Post.

Unconventionally, he has in-depth expertise across many different fields of the digital industry. His mind moves from data, coding, to considering UX, all while strategizing product commercialization. You might find him doing all of these things at once. After being involved in two successful tech exits, Glenn spends his time researching AI and advising high-growth teams.

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Manú Bartlett & Ewa Koc.

Talk title to be announced – Manú Bartlett & Ewa Koc

Manú & Ewa

Manú Bartlett, UX Researcher

Manú has worked as as a UX Researcher for over 6 years, starting off with microfinance users for a fintech inclusion organisation in Mexico in 2017, then working as an in-house researcher for the British Government, followed by Opencast UK Tech Consultancy and last year she joined the global leader in data products: Clarivate Analytics.

She is an Anthropologist who won the prestigious Fulbright scholarship to study a masters degree in Design & Anthropology at Parsons Design School, the New School in NYC.

She also holds a BA in Economic Geography from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Her work unites the iterative process of design thinking with in-depth ethnographic & quantitative research to understand the needs and desires of users in complex contexts.

Ewa Koc

Ewa is a senior UX designer with a background in linguistics. Formerly at Roche Diagnostics, a global healthcare leader, she now works at Clarivate, focusing on IP Intelligence Solutions.

She completed her master’s degree in UX/UI at Ramon Llull University of Barcelona and has previous experience in marketing and technical writing.

Ewa is particularly interested in accessibility and data-driven design, enabling her to make a meaningful impact in the digital world.

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Pablo Stanley.

Talk title to be announced – Pablo Stanley

About Pablo

Pablo Stanley is a Latin designer based in Mexico. He is the co-founder and CEO at Musho & Lummi — AI design tools aimed at unlocking people’s creativity. Previously, he co-founded Carbon Health and Blush, and held roles as a staff designer at Lyft and lead designer at InVision.

Pablo gives talks and workshops around the world on product design, animation, illustration systems, storytelling, accessibility, behavioral economics, challenges of being a designer, doodling, and the art of comics.

He has a YouTube channel called Sketch Together, where he shares design tutorials, livestreams, critiques, and other fun stuff. Pablo also hosts various podcasts, including ‘Diseño Cha Cha Cha’, which features interviews with Latinxs in the tech industry. He’s the doodler behind Open Peeps, Avataaars, Humaaans, Open Doodles, Bottts, and Buttsss.

Moreover, Pablo is a talented writer and illustrator, known for his comic series ‘The Design Team’, portraying the lives of startup designers.

In his latest endeavor, Pablo aims to share his wealth of experience and passion by creating design courses for emerging designers.

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Highlights from previous years

UX Brighton is one of the premier UX events in Europe. In just one day, you'll get access to some of the most cutting-edge presentations you can imagine. Well organized, fabulous location, packed with valuable content — go if you can: it's worth the investment.

Jim Kalbach, Past Speaker


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Fantastic conference - a fresh mix of new ideas, provocative speakers, and a highly engaged audience. Well worth the trip.

Alex Wright, Director of User Experience at the New York Times

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