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Some of the smartest, most insightful and entertaining people I've met. And that was just the audience. The speakers were great, too.

Mike Kuniavsky, Xerox PARC


Janna Bastow.

Avoiding the Agency Trap – Janna Bastow

Slides for Avoiding the Agency Trap

Building a product can help your business scale to incredible heights, but too many teams get stuck in what Janna Bastow calls the Agency Trap. In this talk, she’ll share signs you’re veering into this trap, and actionable guides on how to get out and stay out!

About Janna

Janna Bastow is co-founder of ProdPad , product management and roadmapping software for product people. Janna is also co-founder of ProductTank and Mind the Product , a global community of product managers. She often starts and stops conversations with the question: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

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Jonty Sharples.

Arrogance & Confidence in Design...Redux – Jonty Sharples

Slides for Arrogance & Confidence in Design…Redux

Ten years ago Jonty gave a talk that changed his life. Now he revisits some of those lines of enquiry that upended his career (in a good way). With the benefit of hindsight, some spectacular mistakes, and a decade of experience scaling businesses and teams, what does Arrogance and Confidence look like in 2022?

About Jonty

Jonty’s been involved in the creation of digital ‘stuff’ for over two decades, with clients spanning museums, console and mobile device manufacturers, transport networks, charities, educational programs, government departments, financial services…he’s even helped redesign an ambulance. He loves complicated, and relishes making sense of the chaotic.
Jonty is currently VP of Product and Design at Airalo.

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Louise Bloom.

T-shaped skills save lives (and products). How and why to learn laterally for better outcomes – Louise Bloom

Slides for T-shaped skills save lives (and products)

Product development requires the work of lots of different people with different skills to deliver their best efforts. So it’s natural we want to be the best at what we do. When those people work in silos and can’t share ideas or communicate, products suffer. Creating ‘t-shaped’ skill sets, with deep knowledge of your own field and insight into those around you, can help.

Using examples from the NHS, where multidisciplinary team working is critical to patient outcomes and supported by a culture of lateral learning and knowledge sharing, Louise looks at the benefits of knowing a little about a lot for product outcomes, team working and your own career, and shares a few surprising outcomes from her own ‘t-shaped’ approach to learning new skills.

About Louise

Louise is a Senior UX consultant professional who has spent over 15 years working for everyone from global banks to local butchers during which time she has contributed to books, blogs, conferences and podcasts on the future of work, digital wellbeing, ethical technology, and the physiology of technostress. Curious to understand more about how human-tech interactions were affecting levels of stress, Louise is now also a registered and practising Physiotherapist in the UK with a specialism in neurology.

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Kate Flood.

Speaking the same language – Kate Flood

Slides for Speaking the same language

It sometimes feels like design and product are talking a different language – both striving to get great products out to their customers, but frequently misunderstanding each other on the path to get there. Kate will share the times she’s seen this happen and the ways she’s tackled it so that you can get ahead and create brilliant working partnerships with your product counterparts.

About Kate

Kate is the Director of Product Design at Sky, working with the teams that look after NOW, Sky Go, Sky Sports and Sky News. Her career has taken her from New York to London, always trying to better the experiences for the people using the products and the people designing them.

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Alison Rawlings.

Is UX Strategy even a thing? – Alison Rawlings

Slides for Is UX Strategy even a thing?

We hear a lot about UX strategy but what is it and how does it differ from business or product strategy? Do you need it, and how do you go about getting it? That’s a lot of questions to cover in twenty minutes, but Alison will make a start by calling on her experience of helping companies think more carefully (and strategically) about their customers.

About Alison

Alison has a career going back over 25 years and has established and run UX teams in both agencies and client-side organisations. She is currently Consultancy Director at experience design agency Bunnyfoot where, as well as supporting Bunnyfoot’s growth and evolution and delivering their UX strategy training course, she works with organisations such as EDF Energy and Sony Playstation to help them improve their performance by becoming more customer-centred in their approach.

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Lucy Spence.

Trade-offs – Lucy Spence

Slides for Trade-offs

Product development requires trade-offs, but just like a deal with the devil, the devil is in the details of how you make those trade-offs. And your choices can be devilishly hard. This demonic themed talk looks at various techniques for easing the burden of the bargains you make.

About Lucy

Lucy has spent two decades making all sorts of mistakes while building customer experiences. She likes to share what she’s learnt from places like Amazon, TUI, LOVEFiLM, M&S, Department of Health, Compare the Market, and now Appvia, so others can make new and more interesting mistakes.

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Jonathan Smare.

Leading culture change to increase customer centricity – Jonathan Smare

Slides for Leading culture change to increase customer centricity

Digital disruptors and the covid crisis have highlighted the importance of customer centricity. Business leaders clearly recognise their organisations need to be more customer centric and future proof them against ever-changing customer expectations, volatile economic conditions and aggressive digital disruptors.
Business leaders want to understand how to lead culture change to be more customer centric, how to implement new ways of working and how technology can enable their strategy.
Jonathan will talk about leading culture change to increase customer centricity, innovation and agility:

  • Working backwards from customers
  • Implications for operating models to empower small cross-functional teams.
  • How companies like Amazon, Cisco and others reinforce and change their culture.

Jonathan’s objective is to help leaders understand their critical role increasing the focus on customer centricity. Email Jonathan

About Jonathan

Jonathan Smare is a Partner, Strategy, Leadership & Innovation at DigitalWorksGroup. In his career spanning over 30 years at Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems and Amazon Web Services Jonathan has led numerous large-scale transformations. A veteran executive and public speaker, Jonathan works with executives worldwide to share experiences and discuss strategies for their digital transformation journeys.

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Matt LeMay.



“How do we get product managers to value user research?”

“How do we get executives to think in an Agile way?”

“How do we get UX researchers to prioritize our work?”

“How do we get our sales team to stop making promises we can’t deliver?”

For the last twelve years, I have heard these questions on a weekly basis. And the answer to all of them is exactly the same: you don’t “get” anyone to do anything. In this talk, product leader and author of Product Management in Practice Matt LeMay shares his experience working across product, UX, marketing, and leadership teams at companies like Google, Audible, Mailchimp, and Spotify. You’ll learn how the path to success in cross-functional product development means embracing ego death and recognizing that you have very little direct control over anyone or anything. No, seriously.

About Matt

Matt LeMay is an internationally recognized product leader, author, and consultant who has worked with companies like Spotify, Audible, Mailchimp, and Google. He is the author of Agile for Everybody (O’Reilly Media, 2018) and Product Management in Practice (Second Edition O’Reilly Media, 2022), and has helped build and scale product management practices at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Matt is the creator of the One Page / One Hour Pledge, a commitment to minimize busywork and maximize collaboration that has been adopted by over 100 individuals and teams at Amazon, Walmart, CNN, BBVA, and more. Previously, Matt worked as Senior Product Manager at music startup Songza (acquired by Google), and Head of Consumer Product at Bitly. Matt is also a musician, recording engineer, and the author of a book about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith.

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Highlights from previous years

UX Brighton is one of the premier UX events in Europe. In just one day, you'll get access to some of the most cutting-edge presentations you can imagine. Well organized, fabulous location, packed with valuable content — go if you can: it's worth the investment.

Jim Kalbach, Past Speaker


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Fantastic conference - a fresh mix of new ideas, provocative speakers, and a highly engaged audience. Well worth the trip.

Alex Wright, Director of User Experience at the New York Times

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