This event was held on 09 Nov 2010.

X-Ray Listening and Elephant Whispering – Judy Rees

Could you get better value from your user research and testing? In this session we’ll be exploring the two “Lazy Jedi questions” – a way to get under the skin of interviewees and to persuade them to reveal the secrets of what they really think and feel about sites/apps/services. Judy Rees is known as The Elephant Whisperer because of her uncanny ability to probe beneath the surface, and encourage people to reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings. This information comes from the subconscious ‘elephant’ rather than the conscious ‘rider’ and drives at what people actually do (rather than what they say they intend to do).

Her approach draws on almost 20 years experience of news journalism, with surprising insights from the world of psychotherapy and coaching. She is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds, and creator of a new home study course “Intelligent Influence”. Judy has been introducing these techniques to the UX community for the last year, speaking at UXCamp London and at two London UX agencies.

UX Brighton community discussion – Judy Rees

UX Brighton has been going for about two and a half years now and we’d like to hear your feedback on how it’s going, and especially to gather ideas for what we can do in future.

Judy has offered to lead the session and use some of the listening techniques discussed in her talk.

This is an opportunity to tell us what you need from UX Brighton, what issues you have with working as a UX practitioner and help us become more useful to you.