UXCB13 Redux

This event was held on 14 Jan 2014.

UX Brighton kicked off the new year in fine style with a redux from the fabulous event that was UX Camp Brighton 2013. We relived some of the best sessions, with six great talks selected from the day:

Five things I know about UX from going to the toilet - Chris How

Toilets can be places for thinking. A haven where thoughts like ‘what shall I talk about at UX Camp Brighton?’ come to be considered. In my talk I’ll be sharing photos of toilets I’ve collected over many years to illustrate among other things: Semiotics, designing for the user’s abilities, triggering behavioural change and the sheer good, bad and bizarre of toilet interface design.

Chris How

Resistance to change – strategies for presenting usability findings – Ben Sauer

Ever presented results from usability testing and nothing changed? I’ll present some strategies I’ve used in the past to successfully win friends and influence people.

Ben Sauer

10 football tips for successful workshop facilitation – Viviana Doctorovich

One thing Viviana has learned on her 8 years as UX Designer is that close collaboration with colleagues, clients and users is paramount to the success of any digital project. In her quest to promote collaboration, she runs regular workshops of all shapes and sizes and considers them a core part of her design process. In her talk, Viviana will share some of the tips and tools she’s picked up through her many years as a facilitator and a few stories from the trenches. And why football tips? Just because she’s Argentinian and can’t miss an opportunity to talk about Messi.

Viviana Doctorovich

Beyond Emotion & Cognition – Luis Abreu

Luis Abreu

Why the page is killing innovation in magazine UX - Rob Boynes

Rob Boynes

How to win over clients and influence colleagues – Rob Pearson

Rob Pearson


  • Patrick Sansom
  • Luke Hay
  • Alex Goluszko
  • Tim Minor
  • Tom Prior