3 authors, 2 books, 1 event

This event was held on 12 Oct 2010.

Writing a UX book – Cennydd Bowles, James Box

Cennydd and James will discuss the experience of writing a UX book, from the proposal and the money to the workflow and personal sacrifice involved. They’ll talk about what publishers are looking for from potential authors, how to make a strong business case for your title, and how to come to terms with the alien practices of print publishing.

About Cennydd

Cennydd Bowles leapt into the world of user experience eight years ago and hasn’t shut up about it since. He now works for Clearleft in Brighton and moonlights as a UX blogger, mentor and community evangelist.

Cennydd is a regular public speaker (SXSW, IA Summit), a widely published writer (A List Apart, Johnny Holland, .net magazine) and co-conspirator of the UX London conference. His first book “Undercover User Experience”, written with fellow Clearleftie James Box, has just been published by New Riders.

About James

James is a total mystery.

Cover of the book Undercover User Experience Design

Simple & Usable – Giles Colbourne

Giles will talk about his views on simplicity, how he came to write the book, the books that inspired him and the design and writing choices that he made and how they influenced the final form of the book.

Giles’ book Simple and usable : Web, mobile, and interaction design (archive.org)

About Giles

Giles Colborne has been designing interactive user experiences since the early 1990s and it’s about time he did something useful like writing a book.

When he’s not doing that he he’s busy with cxpartners, a design consultancy based in Bristol and London that specialises in web and mobile user interface design for companies such as Marriott, Nokia and eBay. Giles and Richard Caddick founded cxpartners in 2004.