Design decisions & discovery development

10 Oct, 7pm

Do you want to…

  1. record and recall your design decisions more efficiently?
  2. improve your discovery process?

Join us on Tuesday 10 October for an evening of insightful talks by industry experts. Learn about the significance of recording design choices and commemorating project milestones. Gain insights into effective methods and tools for decision recall. Delve into the realm of design discoveries and gain practical strategies for navigating challenges. And, leave with actionable insights to elevate your discovery process.

Time team: Documenting decisions and marking milestones – Paul Robert Lloyd

Exercise regularly; eat plenty of vegetables; floss your teeth. Tasks that feel like chores are often the most beneficial in the long run. The same is true of writing documentation.

Documenting decisions, recording design iterations and explaining commonly used terminology means everyone on a team can have a shared understanding of a product’s design and evolution. Making this information public can increase accountability and build trust. Deliberately building institutional memory can prevent mistakes being repeated and lessons needing to be learnt over and over again.

In this talk, we’ll look at how to record and recall design decisions and consider the role designers play in cultivating a fun yet inclusive culture within a team, and the potential pitfalls to avoid when doing so.

About Paul

Head shot of Paul Robert Lloyd

Paul is an interaction designer and web developer with 20 years of experience gleaned from working at fledgling start-ups, boutique design agencies and large in-house design teams.

Today he works with public sector organisations, combining his dedication to detail with a pragmatic approach to delivery to help teams build brilliant digital services for citizens and civil servants.

Away from all that, and when not whiling away his time on various side projects, Paul enjoys long train journeys to destinations with enough interesting architecture to blog about.

Murder on the dancefloor: The death of disco – Jon Roobottom

Discoveries are crucial to a designer’s toolkit, but why do they sometimes feel like a slog?

Dive into the ins and outs of the discovery process, learn to navigate everyday challenges, and pick up practical strategies to guide your teams toward effective results.

About Jon

Head shot of Jon Roobottom

Jon is a Principal Designer at Made Tech, overseeing user-centred work for clients like GDS, GCHQ, Home Office and DLUHC.

Before his life as a service designer in the public sector, Jon built and ran product design teams for SaaS startups.

Jon lives in Sunny Littlehampton—home to Britain’s longest bench—with his wife and two kids.

Drinks and pizza provided. 🍕🥤

🎟️ Student discount tickets available.


With thanks to Projects for sponsoring the venue.