Show & Tell 4

This event was held on 13 Aug 2019.

The idea is that this is a low-key event – small enough that everybody in the room can know each other’s names. A safe environment for talking about unfinished ideas etc.

If you’re new to UX, so much the better – a mix of skill/experience levels will enrich the conversation. If you’re stuck for what to show, bring a question.

Join us - stick your name on the list with your conversation or question topic

Show and tell events are limited to ~12 places.

Topic ideas

If you’re not sure what type of thing we’ve got in mind, here are some ideas:

Ask a question to get thoughts from the group

  • Introduce a topic that you’re interested in
  • A product you’ve found useful - Framer - Notion - Dreamweaver 2004 - Prototyping voice UI with Adobe XD - Principle
  • A method you’ve used
  • A project you’ve worked on/are working on
  • A challenge you’re facing
  • A talk idea
  • An article idea
  • A short video you think is interesting (there’s a screen + HDMI/AppleTV)


  • No polished presentations
  • Chatham house rule
  • Everyone should bring something to show and tell but there’s only enough time for 6
  • Timebox topics to 15 minutes
  • Bring food/drink to share

I really enjoyed the first Show and Tell event. There was a great mix of people from different backgrounds all with interesting things to show and say. The informal format allowed everyone to contribute and ask questions without judgement. I’d encourage everyone from old UX hands to newbies to go along and learn something new.

— Mat Walker


Organised by Danny Hope