Mobile User Testing

This event was held on 10 Jul 2012.

The July 2012 edition of UX Brighton focused on mobile user testing. We had two great talks and a hands-on demo of some of the best testing kit out there.

Both talks are available to watch below:

Usability testing for mobile – Raj Arjan

Raj’s talk will explore current ways in which usability testing can be conducted for mobile devices. There will be some exploration of future technologies as well as practical examples of what has worked well in the Interaction Lab in the past and why.

About Raj

Raj is the interaction lab manager at City University London. The Interaction Lab is a commercial and academic research facility used by academia and industry to conduct user research in areas such as Mobile, Web, Gestural Interaction, Eye Tracking, Accessibility and more. Raj has been working in UX for 4 years and has considerable experience in planning, running and evaluating user research on a variety of different platforms.


Handheld device usability testing techniques – Walt Buchan

What are the objectives when we test handheld devices? What are the difficulties and what equipment should we use to best capture the sessions for ourselves and others who want to observe? Walt has pondered these questions while experimenting extensively with cameras, rigs and software. He’ll be sharing his stories, demoing his mobile testing setup and recommending ways to make your research simpler to accomplish and deliver better quality evidence.

About Walt

Walt has been designing interactions, documenting design and researching user experience for 11 years. Now Director of User Research at CX Partners in Bristol, his experience of qualitative research and analysis techniques provides essential rigor to the execution of research, both in the lab and the field.