Mental Models, Service Design & Problems with Convergence

This event was held on 14 Apr 2009.

Mental Models, Service Design & Problems with Convergence – Filip Healy & GiGi Demming

Filip and GiGi are both principals at Amberlight Partners. Amberlight is a London based User Experience Consultancy. Clients include Apple, Microsoft, Sony and O2.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for large companies to bundle together a range of services such as broadband, mobile and TV. While this can result in lower prices for customers, how does it really impact the customer experience?

Amberlight has engaged in a number of service design projects that have looked at this very problem – how can these bundled but disparate services be aligned in a manner that presents a coherent, ‘joined up’ feel for the customer?

In this presentation, Amberlight will talk about their learnings, and will lay bare some of the key questions that you need to think about when dealing with this tricky service design problem.

Following the presentation there will be an open discussion, and informal show-and-tells. Please feel free to bring along visual stimuli for discussion!

And after that, we’ll probably head to The Greenhouse Effect for a drink.