Lightning Edition

This event was held on 11 Nov 2015.

Inspired by the great work from 300 Seconds, we’re hosting a special lightning event and we would like you to join us and take part!

The Brighton UX Community is full of talented individuals. We’ve always encouraged sharing your experiences and learning and always want to hear from the community, whether you’ve started your career, or consider yourself a seasoned pro. At this event, we’ll be sharing with each other with a series of rapid 5 minute talks - and anybody can speak.

UX Brighton events are not just for UX practitioners: designers, content writers, anyone working on digital projects are all welcome.

The Format

Whether you’ve spoken before in public or not, we’d like you to give it a go. The night will have no more than 9 people speaking with breaks in between for refreshments and snacks in good supply.

There are no subjects too big or too small, we are a wonderfully diverse community of people with varying levels of experience. If you’ve only just started your career, or you’re long in the tooth - this is a great time to give it a go, whether you want to share how to manage a backlog, run a user test or highlight the many, many flaws in video game UI - everything is welcome.

The anatomy of an international payment page – Ben Scammels

The do’s and don’ts for creating a portfolio – Enor Anidi

The Post-it pirates – Paul Swain

How to write enything ever – Ellen de Vries

Don’t let your job title get you down – Danielle Huntrods

Make better surveys – Jeremy Rosenberg