Hands-on with eyetracking & biometrics

This event was held on 10 Apr 2010.

Last year’s talks from Bunnyfoot (the eye tracking & behavioural research specialists) and Vertical Slice (the video game user experience specialists) were so succesful that we’ve invited them back, and asked them to bring their hardware for some hands-on, interactive demos!

The event will start at 6.30pm, but we’ll be running an eye tracking study for an hour beforehand (from 5.30pm onwards, to collect some data). If you’re keen to know what it’s like to be a participant, you can turn up early (we can’t test everyone, but you’ll at least be able to watch).

After some drinks and nibbles (provided by Madgex, the event sponsors) we will kick off the event with a talk from Vertical Slice , followed by demo of their GSR hardware where we’ll pick one or two volunteers from the audience to try it out.

After the demo, the Bunnyfoot guys will give us a live demo of what it’s like to use Tobii Studio to analyze the data we just collected. This should give us some nice insights about some of the strengths and weaknesses of Eye Tracking as a UX research tool.

Please be gentle with us if we have technical problems. If the hardware fails, we’ll have to fall back to pre-recorded videos / slides.