UX, Human Factors & Ergonomics

This event was held on 14 Oct 2014.

Photograph of the event

Also known as “comfort design”, “functional design”, or “user-friendly systems”, HF&E is the practice of designing products, systems or processes to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people that use them. As you can imagine, there’s plenty to learn from this multidisciplinary field. Speakers for the evening are all Senior Lecturers from the University of Brighton’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.

Human Factors in Product Design: The secret to good design – Dr Eddy Elton

Dr Elton will be talking about how Human Factors plays a key role in the development of successful products. Within his talk, Eddy will include a brief introduction to Ergonomics, it’s history, and it’s relation / relevance to UX.

Vis-able: How studies in visual perception and the cognitive aspects of ergonomics contribute to usability – Catherine Grundy

Catherine’s interests have led to involvement beyond product development to computer games, web design and app design and digital product design.

Using a set of interaction principles as a basis, we consider how understanding our perception mechanisms can help to create beautiful and usable artefacts across two and three dimensions. From the aim to create clear and readable artefacts (achieving ‘Clarity’) to helping the user to be engaged ( in a state of ‘Flow’) when using an interface, interaction goals are similar for different media and brainstorming across disciplines can sometimes help.

The problem with 3D printing & human factors issues in bicycle design – Dr Derek Covill

As well as teaching, his research and consultancy covers many aspects of biomechanics and sports technology.