Rapport & Manipulation

This event was held on 11 Jul 2017.

We’re excited to announce our next evening event with two great talks on Building Rapport & Machiavellian Manipulation.

Building Rapport - Rob Pearson

Rob’s talk will give us a UX take on the FBI’s head of behavioural analysis Robin Dreeke’s book ‘It’s not all about me’. What we all do on a day to day basis is talk to other human beings and ultimately what we’re trying to do is develop trust. This session will provide ten great tips for doing just that.

Rob is User Experience Director at Amido. If a project has users and an interface, Rob is your man. As Head of User Experience, he is responsible for making products simple and intuitive to use. Rob spends a lot of time researching which he happily admits is his favourite part of the job.

Machiavellian Manipulation - Chris How

Chris is going to give us a Machiavellian masterclass in manipulation. Are you fed up persuading clients to act on research findings? Frustrated your best design ideas get pushed into the mythical phase two? Chris will share some tried and tested tips on how to manipulate your clients and managers to get them to take the design decisions you want. Warning: The dark arts of UX are not recommended for the faint-hearted.

Chris is Principal UX Consultant at Clearleft. He helps clients create meaningful audience centered digital products and services through design leadership, strategic thinking and robust research.