Design Research - 2 new approaches

This event was held on 14 Feb 2017.

An evening featuring two Brighton-based speakers discussing how behavioural research can be used for design. Enjoy the talks, beers and networking in great co-working space The Skiff.

To Bot or Not to Bot: Using dramaturgy to connect Research with Development – Mark McElhaw


  • Ever been told you have 1 day to consolidate all existing research at the start of a new project?
  • Ever questioned the way research was pulled together to form the basis for a design decision?
  • Ever tried to marry qualitative research with big data?

A framework is proposed that draws on dramatic theory to tackles issues like personas, combine experience research with big data and esign more customised value propositions.

dramaturgy noun The theory and practice of dramatic composition.

Mark is a Brighton based freelance Experience Consultant working across strategy, design and research. Recent worked includes; a supermarket, a Premier League club and an HR startup.

Too Dry; Didn’t Apply: Redesigning Behavioural Research for Practical Use – Jerome Ribot


In principle, Behavioural Research is an immensely powerful tool for creating better products, providing deep insights that help us design around the many factors that influence our choices, habits and loyalties.

In practice, it’s a nightmare, riddled with complexity that prevents it being found, read and applied.

This isn’t good enough. Might there be a better way to facilitate its use in practical, non-academic contexts? Jerome will discuss a possible solution that could further the reach of behavioural research and help create much better products as a result.

Jerome is Founder of Coglode, which aims to communicate behavioural research to a wider business and design audience. Prior to this, he spent ten years as Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at ribot, an multi-award-winning agency which works with Google, Channel Four, Tesco and Intel on ground-breaking digital products.


Danny Hope