Designing for Persuasion, International Research, and Eye Tracking!

This event was held on 11 Aug 2009.

How (not) to run successful international user research projects – Carsten Schmitt & Poppy James

User research across several countries – be it surveys or user tests – has its own challenges. Some of them are well known (but nevertheless often forgotten) others are unexpected.

Poppy and Carsten – a Briton and a German – do not aim to give you the ultimate 101 of international user research. A lot has been written about that already. What they do want to do instead is to talk about their own experiences to show you which problems you could encounter before you even start your testing abroad and what could happen if you don’t have that foreign language expertise in-house.

Prepare to be surprised, shocked, and, hopefully, amused. And the end of this talk you should be able to add a few bullet points to your checklist for the next international project (bullet points will be provided). Some of the topics include “Foreign affairs – Managing multi-national clients” and “Parlez you Italiano? Language issues beyond ‘translations’” Carsten Schmitt & Poppy James are consultants at Bunnyfoot, a User Experience Consultancy that’s passionate about Eye Tracking. Bunnyfoot’s clients include the BBC, the COI, Virgin Holidays, and to name only a few.

Designing for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust On The Web – Rob Gillham

Since the early ’60s, Social and Experimental Psychology Research that has taught us a great deal about the nature of persuasion in human psychology. In recent years, there’s been a flurry of books and articles on the subject – after all, persuasion is part of the elusive magic recipe for success in business. What’s been lacking, however, is a selection of case studies that give a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the context of human-computer interaction.

This is exactly where Rob Gillham’s talk picks up. Rob will give a talk covering the underpinning Psychological research and insights from HFI’s own research findings.

Rob’s talk involves a 1 hour sneak peak into HFI’s ‘Psychology, Emotion & Trust’ training course, normally only available for paying customers. Rob Gillham is a Project Director at Human Factors International (HFI), the world’s largest UX consultancy with offices in UK, US, Germany, India, China and Singapore.

Audience Participation Eye tracking demo – Rebecca Gill

After the talks we’ll be cracking open the beers (and wine and snacks) for an eye tracking demo from the Bunnyfoot crew.

To make it more fun, we/ll be accepting submissions from attendees. Feel free to email Harry Brignull with your site screengrabs, art, or naked photos (1024×768 PNGs are ideal).

Submissions will be drawn at random from the pile and used in the demo. (PS no naked photos).