Show & Tell 19

This event was held on 14 Sep 2021.

The UX Brighton Show & Tell is a low-key event. A supportive environment for sharing, advice and discussion.

Whether you’re a UXer of many years’ standing, new to UX or UX is only part of what you do, so much the better. A mix of skills and backgrounds enriches the conversation.

It’s free. Sign up at this shared Google Doc with your Show & Tell topic.

Show & Tell places are limited to 12, as we keep the group small enough for everyone to learn each other’s names.

How Show & Tell works

  • Everyone arrives with something to talk about and some snacks to share
  • Names and topics go into a hat, to be chosen at random
  • 15-minute timebox for each discussion
  • Everything is off the record - Chatham House Rule. (If you’re under NDA, it’s OK to be non-specific about your client. We won’t interrogate you!)

Deciding on a topic for Show & Tell

If you’re not sure what to share at the Show & Tell, here are some prompts:

  • Talk us through what you’re working on
  • Show how you’re using a tool or method
  • Get advice on an approach to a project
  • Share a past project
  • Tell us about a new process
  • Discuss working practices
  • Get feedback on a talk, workshop or article idea
  • Show a short demo or video

Still stuck? It’s more than fine to bring a question or introduce a topic for discussion.

What people say about Show & Tell

A very welcoming, thoughtful, knowledgeable and inclusive community.

—Peter Cook

The highlight of my month!

—Fiona MacNeill

The informal format allowed everyone to contribute and ask questions without judgement. I’d encourage everyone from old UX hands to newbies to go along.

—Mat Walker

A diverse group of friendly, smart people!

—Luis Abreu


Organised by Jo Dimbleby