September Double Bill

This event was held on 10 Sep 2019.

Event cancelled

We’re sorry to say that due to unforseen circumstances, this event is cancelled.

We hope to reschedule the event to early in 2020.

—Danny and the UX Brighton team

We are lucky to have two extremely knowledgable and engaging speakers. They’ll be discussing content from two very different angles:

  • a scientific approach to quantifying how people read and
  • a structure for identifying brand values in order to encourage bold creative decision-making.

By the way, neither of these speakers can be neatly summed up by any existing job title. This is something I’m seeing more and more among people I look up to. Make of that what you will. Anyway, I hope to see you there. —Danny (founder of UX Brighton)

Usable, grammatical & readable code – Daniel van Berzon

How can software developers learn from UX and linguistics, to help make their code more readable?

Readable code is critical, but the available advice on how to write it is full of contradictory and arbitrary rules. Grammar is also full of rules; “Prescriptive” ones that are hard to follow, and “Descriptive” ones that are intuitive.

With the help of Shakespeare, Chomsky and some little green men, we will learn the dangers of prescriptive rules, and see how the online experiment at applies UX research principles to uncover rules for readable code.

About Daniel

Daniel is a software developer based in Brighton, via London and Barcelona. He has worked with the web since late last century, when EJBs were a thing. After a little Physics and a lot of Ruby on Rails, he is currently taming the front end at Ocasta Studios, and researching code readability.

Reading list

What makes a brand voice brilliant? – Lauren Pope

If your voice guidelines are just six adjectives in the brand book you’re not alone, but you’re missing a big opportunity.
Voice has a huge role to play in conveying what you stand for and communicating with your audience. It isn’t just about brand, marketing, or the emotional side of things. It’s also about usability: if you’re trying to create a great product or service, voice has an impact on your user experience too. It’s time to give your voice more consideration and your writers better guidance. This talk will cover what makes a good voice, and how to create guidelines your colleagues will actually use. You’ll also hear a case study from Samaritans on how they created and rolled out a refreshed brand voice.

About Lauren

Lauren is a freelance content strategy and digital transformation consultant, working with organisations that make the world a better, fairer, more beautiful place. Lauren has been working in content and digital since way back in 2007 and since then has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including adidas, American Express, Microsoft and Tetra Pak. She lives in Brighton, and loves the Downs, the sea, dystopian fiction and bold lipstick.

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