February Triple Bill

This event was held on 12 Feb 2019.

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How to take your content from zero to hero – Rachel McConnell

Content is the foundation of web design - from site strategy to interaction design. Yet many companies still underestimate the value of content and there are huge skill gaps in this area. I’m going to talk about what content design is, how it overlaps with design roles, why it’s important, and how you can start to think more about your content, including tips for creating better conversations with users.

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About Rachel

Rachel McConnell

Rachel is the author of ‘Why you need a content team and how to build one’. She is currently senior content designer at Deliveroo but has previously produced content for brand such as M&S, John Lewis, Tesco, Nationwide and Flora. Rachel is on a mission to educate design teams on the the importance of content and help businesses increase their content maturity.

A UX perspective on ‘bring your own data’ in healthcare – Fiona MacNeill

We will consider the journey of a patient having elective surgery: from time spent on the waiting list, then the operation, followed by recovery at home. The patient, let’s call them Val, has their own personal health data and information gathered from their smartwatch and smartphone which they are willing to share for a limited time. There are some in the national context who believe this personal health data is valuable and would like to make it available to healthcare professionals, but where might provisioning access to patient data and information add value to service delivery? This talk portrays a generative approach to answering this question with a few UX research titbits along the way. The talk is based on an MSc dissertation at the University of Brighton; supported by fieldwork in a healthcare setting.

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About Fiona

Fiona MacNeill is an eLearning professional who has occupied themselves with research into UX and IoT over the past few years; culminating in the recent completion of an MSc in user experience design. Their prior background, working as a visual artist and curator stoked interests in visual representation, wayfinding and audience experience which organically led them to user experience. MacNeill is a habitual problem solver, oft troublemaker and resolute defender of accessibility, but most of all wants to make human/computer interaction just a little bit better for everybody.

The Selfish Giant – the converted – Nabeeha Ahmed

Working with and as a user researcher often means different things to different people, especially as organisations take up the call to put users at the hearts of their services. As the drive for reformation and transformation continues, the user researcher’s role inevitably must change. I will tell a story about getting caught by surprise by changes in my own backyard, share my ‘sense-making’ journey and pose some ideas for discussion on the role of the user researcher.

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About Nabeeha

Nabeeha wholeheartedly jumped on the bandwagon for putting users at the heart of government services. She heads up the Ministry of Justice Digital & Technology research team. Nabeeha has observed and analysed as concepts have emerged and taken flight in the UX arena. She has had the good fortune to work on some of these concepts with talented UX professionals in the private and public sector and looks forward to sharing and starting conversations.


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