A conference on designing for behaviour


9:00 Registration

Registration is at the Sallis Benney theatre (north end of the building). Please make sure you have some form of ID ready as you arrive.

Unfortunately Wi-Fi will not be available but, for what it's worth, 3G signal strength is pretty good.

10:00 Eric Reiss

As a partner of User Experience Consultancy FatDUX, Eric is one of the most influential figures in UX and Information Architecture, writing well-known books such as 'Practical Information Architecture' amongst others.

11:00 Harry Brignull

Dr. Harry Brignull is one of Europe's leading bloggers on UX with his popular blog 90 percent of everything. He is the head of User Experience at Madgex, has a background in cognitive science and will be speaking on 'Dark Patterns' - the evil tricks that designers play to make people do things online.

11:30 Break (45 minutes)

Tea and coffee will be provided

12:15 Julian Hirst

Julian Hirst is head of the UK side of design agency Electronic Ink. He'll be speaking on Linguistics and how what people say is altogether different from what they do.

12:45 Dr. Jon Dodd

Dr Jon Dodd escaped the cosy confines of academia in the 90s where he researched (amongst other things) how you and your brain judge attractiveness, and decide which shampoo bottle to take. In 1999 Jon co-founded user centred design consultancy Bunnyfoot (he remains the MD), and more recently Think eyetracking. Jon will discuss how David Ogilvy’s approach is still a winner…

13:15 Lunch (an hour and a quarter)

You'll have to fend for yourself but luckily there are loads of good places to eat near the theatre.

14:30 Dr. Graham McAllister

Graham will talk about the three pillars of video game user experience, what players do, why they do it, and the emotions that result. Graham will show how biometrics can reveal key insights into player behaviour. He is a director of Vertical Slice, a video game user research studio, and also lectures at the University of Sussex.

15:00 Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen Van Geel is speaking on Product Personality. He is the founder of the hugely popular 'Johnny Holland' magazine and is the Senior Interaction Designer at Fabrique Communication & Design.

15:30 Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland is talking on the Psychology of Design. She is the Design Lead at Fjord London. She has over 11 years of experience in UX roles for companies such as Flow Interactive, Razorfish, Credit Suisse and the Press Association.

16:00 Break (30 minutes)

Tea and coffee will be provided

16:30 James Page & Sabrina Mach

James Page & Sabrina Mach are talking about how the user's context affects behaviour. They are the makers of Webnographer, the remote unmoderated quantitative user research platform and also co-organizers of this event.

17:00 Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of the ad agency Ogilvy Group UK, Rory was one of the first in the advertising industry to realise the potential of the internet. You may have seen his TED talk which was the 5th most tweeted talk at the TED conference.

18:00 Wrap-up

Listen to the organisers blather on for a minute or two.

18:20 Party

Champagne awaits at Revolution (the map is a little off – the bar is slightly nearer to the sea, at number 77 West Street)

What we're trying to do

UX Brighton 2010 is an extension of one of our successful monthly meetings. It is the conference for the design and web technology community. Due to the success of the monthly meetups, we decided to turn the September meetup into a full blown one day event.

This one day event gives wide exposure to some of the most recent captivating and provocative ideas on User Experience from all over the UK and Europe. The speakers combine the well-known, such as Rory Sutherland and Eric Reiss, with others who are yet to be discovered. It is an opportunity for the User Experience community to hear about and discuss design and behaviour in both theory and practise.

About the organisers

UX Brighton

UX Brighton is a volunteer community group aiming to disseminate knowledge in all aspects of user experience (including various branches of psychology). It was started 2 years ago by Danny Hope. UX Brighton has been running monthly meetups that have gone from a few people in a room, to occasionally over 150 people attending.

Danny Hope

Danny is a highly experienced freelance User Experience Consultant and founder of UX Brighton. He's been developing hypermedia since before the web and professionally since 1997. He's currently based in the south of England and specialises in interaction design for web applications. You can follow him on Twitter at @yandle.

James Page

James is co-founder of FeraLabs, a usability consultancy specialising in remote user research. He is also involved in the development of Webnographer, an online tool for remote usability testing.

James started off as a programmer, but soon realised that, to see what he has created becoming a reality, he would have to be entrepreneur as well. James has been involved in a number of start ups, including Eidos (who went on to launch Tomb Raider), and Deckchair.com with Bob Geldof. He is passionate about making software less frustrating. You can follow him on Twitter at @webnographer.

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