High-Fidelity Prototyping Workshop

This event was held on 10 May 2016.

Facilitated by Cennydd Bowles

As users expect more from modern sites and apps, the design role expands and prototyping approaches have to adapt.

The click-through prototype sufficed for a desktop web era, but lacks the detail and polish that contemporary design demands. Animation and touch require designers to prototype at high fidelity and thus a greater level of detail.

Dozens of new tools are emerging to fill this niche, but you already have one that’s both simple and surprisingly powerful: Keynote.

What’s covered

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the demands of contemporary prototyping including motion design theory and Disney’s classic 12 principles of animation.

You’ll then practice bringing these fundamentals into your own work using Keynote as a prototyping platform. Exercises throughout the session will cover how to scale, fade, resize, and rotate interface elements on the fly, how to transition seamlessly between UI states, and how to create engaging end-to-end prototypes that feel natural.

You’ll emerge with the ability to bring your designs to life, and start providing high-fidelity prototypes that excite your colleagues and improve your products.

We’re limiting the number of places to ensure that the course is intimate and you can get your questions answered.

Who is this for?

UX people who want to produce engaging high quality prototypes. The day is also suitable for designers of all levels. The type of people who this course would be useful for include:

  • Visual designers
  • Product owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • UX designers
  • Interface designers
  • App designers
  • Experience Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • …and other related disciplines

Your Trainer

The trainer for this workshop is Cennydd Bowles. Cennydd is a recognised authority on digital product design, former design lead at Twitter, and author of the popular book Undercover User Experience Design.

Previously a successful UX designer, Cennydd broadened into visual and motion design to offer the full stack of digital product design services. At Twitter, he helped to define cross-platform motion principles as part of the Twitter Human INterface Guidelines (THING) project. He now co-hosts the Motion and Meaning podcast.

Hear Cennydd discuss prototyping tools, including Keynote, in this podcast from motionandmeaning.io

This one day workshop includes lunch and refreshments.