UX Brighton Portfolio Clinic Tips

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UX Brighton Portfolio Clinic Tips

Coming to our Careers Clinic on September 13th? Read these tips to get the most from the evening…

1. Don’t be nervous

Our advisors are all friendly and are only there to help you. There’s no need to be nervous, feel free to chat to them about user experience. You’ll be getting advice that you won’t get elsewhere and that’ll help you get into, or further your career, in UX.

2. Bring your friends

There are a limited number of tickets available, so if you know somebody else who you think would benefit from coming along, then let them know about it. The clinic is for anyone with an interest in UX and with over 20 advisors there are plenty of people on hand to give advice.

3. Bring a portfolio, or don’t

If you have a portfolio then feel free to bring it along. Even senior UXers may not have up-to-date portfolios though, so if you have nothing to show our advisors don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Our advisors are there to talk to you about UX, there’s no requirement to bring anything with you.

4. Research the companies

The list of advisors is available on our website. We recommend that you do a little research to find out what each company does, so that you can make sure you speak to the most relevant ones.

UX is a broad industry and we’ve got advisors who specialise in games, CRO, apps and many other areas. Find out who you want to speak to before the event to ensure that you make the most of your evening.

5. Talk to several advisors

There are going to be a lot of advisors on-hand who’d love to chat to you. Get the best advice by talking to several of them to get advice from different perspectives. Everyone has a different story of how they got into UX and hearing these will help you get that perfect job in the industry.