UX Brighton 2017 Sponsorship

UX Brighton 2017

UX Brighton, 3rd November. A one-day conference for UX people

About UX Brighton

Unlike most other conferences, we gather together a mix of academic and industry experts and curate our talks around a single theme.

This year’s theme is Designing for Complexity.

Our speakers are individually selected from industry and academia; we make a particular effort to bring new, relevant speakers to our audiences and we have been responsible for bringing a number of now well-known speakers on to the conference circuit.

A boutique team

UX Brighton is carefully curated by Danny Hope, a UX consultant with over a decade of experience. In all matters logistical, practical and eventful Emmeline Caines-Gooby ensures the conference runs like a smoothly oiled machine. Emm’s been working with Danny since 2011. Danny and Emm are backed up by a team of volunteers who all work to ensure the conference is a great day for all our attendees, speakers and sponsors.

Find out more about our attendee demographics.

If you’re interested in sponsoring, please either email [email protected] or DM @uxbri (DMs are open).

About our 2017 conference

UX Brighton has grown, and we’re moving to the Concert Hall in the Brighton Dome; a larger, more comfortable space to accommodate the expansion. We’re expecting 400+ super-savvy delegates (designers, developers, product people etc). However, just because we are growing, it doesn’t mean we don’t need your help - if anything, we need it more than ever!

Our delegates want to hear from companies that support us. They are looking for new jobs, resources and tools. The UX community will share their knowledge so that those who support us will continue to receive the benefit long after. As you might expect, we’re a creative bunch, so encourage our sponsors to think beyond the exhibition stand.

**Find out more about our attendee demographics.

We’ve got lots of ideas, and welcome your suggestions too. Think:

We’ll organise the ordering of branded goods, working with you closely for the best output.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or DM @uxbri (DMs are open).

Sponsorship opportunities

**Find out more about our attendee demographics.

We have four levels of sponsorship.

5 Star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

£3500 + VAT includes:

Choose one of:

  1. Aluminium water bottles - keep our delegates hydrated without the plastic wastage. Co-branded, have your logo on show long after the event.
  2. Delegate & speaker lanyards - your logo around every attendees neck. Not just seen on the day, but also in all the conference photography and filming.
  3. After Party - help host our popular after party and we’ll make sure everyone knows who to say cheers to!
  4. Videos - your logo at the start or end of each speaker talk. These will go on to our YouTube channel, and are publicly available.

Got something different in mind? Get in touch.

4 Star ★ ★ ★ ★

£2500 + VAT includes:

Choose one of:

  1. Post Its & Sharpies - co-branded, these will have a life long after the conference wraps.
  2. Photobooth - co-branded, give our delegates something fun to do during the breaks, and a lasting reminder of the day.
  3. Coffee - keep our delegates caffeinated during the day, we’ll add a roller banner to say you’re providing too.

Got something different in mind? Get in touch.

3 Star ★ ★ ★

£1000 + VAT includes:

Choose one of:

  1. Pastries & fruit - pastries on arrival, fruit throughout the day because snacks are always welcome.
  2. Volunteer t-shirts - your logo will be seen by every delegate passing through registration, and throughout the day as our lovely team of volunteers wear a brightly coloured t-shirt to identify themselves.

Got something different in mind? Get in touch.


This is a really easy way to show support for UX Brighton 2017. Buy your micro sponsorship via our Eventbrite page, or contact Emm or DM @uxbri (DMs are open) to arrange an invoice.

£150 + VAT includes:

**Find out more about our attendee demographics.